Our Facility

Since 1990 Anatech Microwave has been focusing in supplying quality RF and Microwave products, focusing on quality and applying the more than 40 years of design experience and know how.  Solving and finding solutions to system designs, and integration of various RF & Microwave product for the desired assembly.   On the design and manufacture of RF and microwave passive and active products, , Anatech Microwave has developed extensive experience and the depth of knowledge required to solve the most complex challenges. 

Engineering and Manufacturing

Anatech Microwave engineering team has the experience in RF and microwave design and is supported by a full complement of specialized test equipment in order to maintain strict quality control and deliver quality products.

The company has a full manufacturing floor including soldering stations, manufacturing tools, painting chamber, computer-controlled PC board router, ultrasonic cleaners, metal shop, tape-and-reel assembly, CNC machines, and a comprehensive marking system.

Dedicated Support

 Anatech Microwave engineering and manufacturing activities are supported by sales engineers, administrators, marketing, IT, Web support, and accounting staff.

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