AMCrf quality program


AMCrf follows a strict quality program to bring the best quality in every RF product supplied. AMCrf well established QA/QC department establishes the guidelines and quality procedures for each of AMCrf RF product. Our philosophy is to constantly improve our quality and deliver robust and environmentally sustainable RF products.
In today’s competitive markets, knowing that a product is produced following a high-quality program is absolutely an integral part of the price/value formula.


AMCrf thru its parent company Anatech Electronics Inc. which is an ISO9001-2015 registered company follows and conforms with all the ISO9001:2015 requirements.

AMCrf continuing Quality improvement process.

AMCrf recognizes the important role of quality products which is an integral part of the value vs price configuration. Being that in today’s world a vast suppliers options are available thru search engines AMCrf strives to the exception when it comes to quality thru its continuous quality process improvement programs.

AMCrf is many companies preferred supplier, and maintains a long list of satisfied and loyal customers. When it comes to RF products AMCrf is recognized as the top supplier or RF passive products, and thru its parent company Anatech Electronics which has the most extensive library of RF and Microwave filter in the market.

Our Goal is CONTINUED IMPROVEMENT of our QUALITY PROCESS. On time delivery, and constantly maintain the highest customer’s satisfaction level.


Being a key supplier to both Military and Commercial Markets AMCrf workmanship practices follows standards such as IPC-610. All our operators are certified and follow strict workmanship procedures.

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