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Model Insertion LossFrequency RangeIsolationAvg. input powerVSWR (typ.)TypeFrequency RangeInsertion LossIsolationAvg. input powerConnector TypeIn stock QTY.
AM0-4000PD8-1332 8 Way DC-4000 MHz18 dB nominal>17 dB1 WN-Type (F)4
AM0R5-100DC869 0.5-100 MHz0.4 dBSMA (F)7
AM0R5-250DC878 0.5-250 MHz0.6 dBSMA (F)6
AM0R75-75DC863 0.75 - 75 MHz0.35 dBSee Full Datasheet9
AM1-200PD3-1083 3 Way 1-200 MHz<0.5 dB>25 dB1 WSMA (F)6
AM10-1000PD2-1018 2 Way 10-1000 MHz<0.8 dB>30 dB1 WN-Type (F)3
AM1000-4000PD2-932-1 2 Way900-4000 MHz0.4 dB Max20 dB min30 W maxSMA (F)10
AM1300-1530CIR1119 1300-1530 MHz<0.5 dB>20 dB2
AM1300-1530CIR1119 <0.5 dB>20 dB1.25:1 Max
AM150-160CIR107 150-160 MHz0.60 dB20 dBN-type(F)1
AM150-160CIR107-1 0.60 dB20 dB1.25:1 Max
AM18000T002-NM DC ~ 18000 MHzN-type (M)6
AM2.5AT030-1S DC-2500 MHzSMA8
AM2000-18000PD4-1382 4 Way2000-18000 MHz<1.3 dB>15 dB10 WSMA (F)6
AM2000-4000IS126 2000-4000 MHz0.6 dB20 dBSMA (F & M)2
AM2000-8000PD3-882 3 Way 2000-8000 MHz<1.2 dB>18 dBSee full DatasheetSMA (F)2

Items 1-16 of 56

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